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7:57 p.m. x 2007-02-28

aagghhhh...late night last night. but i feel so good today. at present i'm listening to tool and nursing my leg. jimmy picked me up from school today and he was very prompt, which resulted in me running from the computer lab (a fair distance from the parking lot), and now that i've gotten up from a nap, my one calf BURNS like a motherfucker. but that's no matter.

i was extremely pleased and VERY VERY grateful jimmy came and got me today. phil failed to alert me he went home early, haha. so i frantically called jimmy throughout my bio lab, which was exactly the length of his miniscule shift (12-2, he went in to cover the other assistant manager's break) while he was the only person in the store. bahhh. but he gallantly picked me up and had a great many sweet things to say to me, after we'd both had a rough night. i was really tense and not in a good mood and i was scared my brief outpouring of emotion right before he dropped me off made him nervous and put undue pressure on him. just because other areas of my life aren't kicking ass doesn't mean he has to pick up their slack, and i wanted to make sure he knew that he's doing his job 100% as he ought to be, and i alerted him of this with a 4:30 a.m. phone call. it pleased him way more than i would've imagined. and when he picked me up he made me feel absolutely completely better. mmmmm.

one of the things i want to do for his birthday is make him candy. i learned how to make chocolate candy with filling in high school and i have wanted to do it again ever since. white chocolate filled with caramel has been ordered, so i have to buy mold and caramel. i still have a shitload of white chocolate.

oh my goddd, i can't wait for the decemberists concert!!! that is a dream come true to see one of my favorite bands with jimmy. and it'll be pretty intimate. well, pretty intimate with a fuckload of people we know. but that's fine. dispatch with ernie in july, and that's going to be beautiful. jimmy will finally get to meet my aunt when we park in her townhouse complex.

my sister's favorite comedian is playing at the same venue as the decemberists in may...i may alert her of that for her birthday. alert her of it. i don't think i can afford to buy her tickets. maybe i'll tip off her gentleman caller and he can purchase them and look thoughtful and gallant.

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