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6:58 p.m. x 2007-03-07


referring to my period. i am hygenically inconvinienced until sunday, but pleased. for at least twelve hours, i'm practically giddy. then i just want to have sex again, quite frankly.

mmm. soon enough.

i recieved some pretty big news on monday. pretty good news, too. but i'm not ready to discuss it in an open forum yet. i went out to get coffee with lexi today which was AMAZING, and exactly what i wanted...she's the first person i've interacted with since i got the news. i've barely seen or spoken to anyone. i popped over to jimmy's yesterday to give him cupcakes with homemade icing because he was bedridden, but it was just for a second.

but when i'm next presented with the oppertunity...i just want to curl up with him. and relax and watch a movie and enjoy his presence. i love his presence. i loved swinging by his house and getting to hug him and kiss him. i love how soft he is. mmmmm.

i love my jimmy. end-a-story!

also i love this one outfit i wear. i typically don't coordinate into specific outfits, but i do have one assemblage i enjoy wearing all together - a striped sleeveless shirt under my double-breasted jacket, lolita skirt, pants, optional hat and fingerless gloves. it's warm. i ought to coordinate more. i enjoy it.

talking to lexi made me feel really good. because talking really makes me feel better. and as soon as i express an anxiety, it's usually gone. once i state it and acknowledge it, it loses its power. i'm not being worrisome. i'm not at risk for any 2 a.m. phonecall-making. i'm very peaceful, and very very happy.

I HAVE TO OVERHAUL THIS DIARY SO BADLY. it's been around since the end of my freshman year of high school. and it'll be around for a while, mark my words. it needs to be spruced, sorely.

i wonder if anyone still reads it. mm.

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