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4:11 p.m. x 2007-03-23

last night was ridiculously cute. jimmy, ernie and i went to see "300". afterwards jimmy and i parked by the lake, which was a change of pace, and enjoyed some hot, passionate lovemaking. very hot, being that the temperature was almost swealtering in the car. gah. we then went to my driveway and jimmy spent fifteen minutes coaxing my cat to come to his car door. neither my cat nor jimmy would budge at first, then jimmy eventually rose and walked half way, prompting sam to make the rest of the trip. then they tenderly embraced. jimmy remarked excitedly about how soft sam, a chinchilla persian, is. sam descended from jimmy's grasp and by the gleam of my porch light jimmy saw that he was blanketed in long white hair. i still hugged him, and we danced in my driveway and spoke wistfully for a few more minutes. i went inside and crashed at 3 a.m.

prior to this, however, after the movie (which was a 10:10 show), we dropped an envelope by lexi's house with the information regarding some artwork jimmy's commissioned her for. we didn't have anything to mark it with, so i just left her a message on her cell phone (i'm so happy i can do that now, that she finally has a cell phone). she called me back at 6-something this morning, after i got in at 3. i was a little mushbrained on the phone. hopefully she understood me. i think i gave her directions towards where i put the envelope (right outside her door, bahaha).

"candypants" is so amazing. "mandelay" is the greatest, sweetest, most uplifting song about prostituting oneself. ever.

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