i'm praying for tidal waves. i want to see the ground give way.

10:07 p.m. x 2007-03-26

i'm listening to an interview with laura albert on RU sirius radio. i empathize with her very much. it alarms me a bit (a lot, perhaps) what a similar approach i've taken to my writing as it turns out she has. and i had no method of a "hoax" in mind, and it doesn't honestly seems as if she did. hehe, this at least makes me aware of what to avoid in going about getting my work published.

"you don't have the genitals for it!"

i would love to sit down and talk to her. i am very apprehensive about saying that someone is very like me, but i feel like we share a lot in common. i would love to have a chat with her. i'm reading her paris review interview, and she had a childhood crush on aquaman. i love it.

how interesting. when i read sarah, i loved the narrative and the style and it was very unsatisfied that the author seemed so dedicated to being shady. it was very good and very necessary that miss albert has come out about all this. it does not take away from her work one bit, to me, it adds so much. anyone who has ever had something devastating happen to them, and who's dealt with it but needed it at a remove, that's a powerful affirmation and a great first step towards letting people know that isn't lying. things got out of hand for her, but she's handling it graciously.

i hope it starts something awesome. and i'm glad she reads nabokov. ugh. my head hurts so bad. i visited jimmy at work and then he called me very shortly thereafter. mmmmm. he is a wonderful guy. i'm so happy to have him, and i'm so happy that he cares about me. and i was in such a frazzled state today that i didn't get to see twin peaks! but tomorrow! ohhh tomorrow!!! I WILL SEE IT! i don't get it, but it comes out shortly, and jimmy's got it at the store, hanging out for me. mmmmmmm. i love twin peaks. and jimmy. and...having money to board the bus. agh!

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