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7:59 p.m. x 2007-03-29

INCOME TAX'D! i purchased pale fire and speak, memory today. i thought i owned pale fire, but upon investigation, i was wrong. but now i do own it. i also looked at tolstoy's anna karenina and put it down after reading the first page, which i enjoyed, because of the huge honking oprah recommendation wrapped around it. poor tolstoy. that was a little offensive of me. well...that was a lot offensive of oprah to do that to poor tolstoy in the first place. he's an unwitting pawn in our game.

i can't believe i'm reading the scarlet FUCKING letter again. of all the things i read in high school i vowed my eyes would never tread back over that and "caesar" under any circumstance. BAH!!! i'm repulsed. and doing poorly in that class all ready. errrrgh. ERRGH! AMERICAN LITERATURE!

i'm done with letting minor shit chafe my spirits for now, though. i have nabokov, a whole load of material to write, and i'm bursting with romantic glee. mmm...i'm so luckyyyyyy! i am in sticky, ridiculous love and i get to see one of my favorite bands with him on saturdayyy. EEE!

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