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4:45 p.m. x 2007-04-01

i have so much work- and family-angst that i'm crying. it's so bad. but! it doesn't matter! let's press on!

THE DECEMBERISTS! COVERED! THE VELVET UNDERGROUND! right before my eyes. while i was cuddling with jimmy. setlist was as follows: "shiny" (from "5 songs"), "the island" (from "the crane wife"), "july july!" (from "castaways and cutouts"), "crane wife pts. I & II" (from "the crane wife"), "song for myla goldberg" (from "her majesty"), "the perfect crime pt. I" (outtake, according to wikipedia it is availible via starbucks o.O), "what goes on" (VU cover BITCHES), "the perfect crime pt. II" (from "the crane wife"), "the bachelor and the bride" (from "her majesty"), "o valencia" (from "the crane wife"), "a cautionary song" (from castaways and cutouts"), and the entirety of "the tain" as an encore. veerrry interesting set. it really worked, though. they were all very rousing, good live songs (selected by the "guitarist and multi-instrumentalist" chris funk, who was dressed in the manner of mark twain) and the band was really fun. they joked about who would wind up in an insanely obscure college in rural pennsylvania and slinkies and bras were thrown onstage in response. there were instances where marching in place and jazz hands were requested of the audience.

jimmy and i had a funny start getting there. i had work in the morning and he called as i got home, as he was just waking up. i made the suggestion we go out to dinner at 5:30, because the concert was at 8, and i suggested a restaurant i thought was in the same town. we wound up delayed and the restaurant was on the opposite side of said town with a 45 minute wait, then we overshot the exit and had to go four further miles to get back to the right place. bahaha. we made it there in time and i bought a lovely shirt, which, i'd bever bought a concert souvenier. we got a seat in the bleachers since the stage was way too crowded and there would've been no seeing the band at all if we'd stand, and sitting was more intimate. the opening band was called my brightest diamond and the sing KICKED MY ASS. i really enjoyed them and would like to buy their album. mmmm, very awesome choice for an opening band.

after the concert, my stomach was beginning to eat itself @_# so we tried to devise a plan for dinner. we had initially tried to contact ernie to see if he wanted to join us at a diner, but unbeknownst to us, he was getting his game on. before we went to sheetz, which we ultimately decided on, we first took advantage of his empty house and made miraculous love in his bed, which was a first. well, technically a bit of that went on at christmas, but with a throng of people downstairs and the door opened (i'm as puzzled as you are). then there was some tender writhing, then we went to exit right as his parents came home. they had been in lancaster seeing manheim steamroller, and lo, jimmy's car was parking them out of the drive way. when we walked outside, ruth was moving it, and jimmy flipped his chips. the ride to and from sheetz was thusly accompanied by angst, but he concluded a good rest would take care of it. i hope it did. i had an absolutely incredible time seeing the decemberists with him!!! he is the sweetest, and that he cares so much about me makes me so warm and happy. mmmmmmmmmm.

i hope he's feeling good today.

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