three words in english, contractable to two in russian, to one and a half in italian

8:07 p.m. x 2007-04-09

i got proust for easter (swann's way, in the shadow of young girls in flower and the guermantes way) and enjoyed dinner at both my house and jimmy's, then accompanied jimmy to his band practice. it was thoroughly awesomely entertaining, and i have twin peaks! as well as a mess of licorice pipes!

i own far, far too many books. i tried to clean my bookshelf again today. i shouldn't keep doing that. it never gets any easier to maneuver all those things around. it never looks cleaner. aaggghhh!!!

today my american lit teacher whispered to me after the test that she was concerned at how fatigued i always am and asked what the matter was. i said, as i always say (i think that probably a third of the teachers that i've had since fifth grade have asked me what the matter is) that i'm having a rough time. what do they want? do they want me to say i'm suicidal and pace throughout the night, wrested from sleep by my raging internal conflict? honest to god. it's not like even if something was overwhelmingly wrong that SHE would help at all. hell, her class is one of my major sources of discontent at the moment. "i feel you're not getting your money's worth out of your education" she says. what in god's name! i'm coming to school, i'm trying, i'm taking notes. i hate your goddamn class but i'm still trying. please give me a little credit for not being a total flake.


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