there was a guy, an under water guy who controlled the sea

2:04 a.m. x 2007-04-14

jimmy's taken an even harder hit, and is pretty depressed, but today i got to talk to him. i didn't really yesterday. ugh. i talked to alannah's friend, who is very lovely and great things are happening between them. i'm printing out aliya's novella to do a good, thorough edit. i've been reading and rereading it since she sent it to me, but i can't analyze it unless i have a hard copy, so i've discovered. i'm also applying a rewrite/restructuring of one of my stories...i have so much shit i want to get done over the parents want me to get a jobjob for the summer so i have money when i'm at school...but they're going to give me an allowance...and i can work there...i don't even have to take class this summer. i want to exploit my last flicker of freedom and GET SOME SHIT DONE. i want to go to sleepaway college with a solid, finished piece of writing to show people. and repell them from me, thoroughly and completely.

i'm so tired.

if anybody should ask i'm going to a seminar
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