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10:32 p.m. x 2007-04-16

i left you hanging yesterday because of the amazing sex, but yesterday was so crazy!!!

i went to the capitol with jimmy and andrew and andrew's father for our mutual friend isiah's eagle scout court of honor. it was awesomely haphazard. isiah and his friend sam coordinated the whole thing by themselves, and right up until the start of it, not everyone knew what they were doing or who was doing what. it was pretty spectacular.

we got derailed on the drive there, because andrew had isiah on speaker and what he was saying was so wacky that andrew's dad drove past the exit. we went to isiah's house and met his mother, who mistook me for andrew's mother (what in god's name). after profusely apologizing, she deduced that i was very interested in physics! holy shit! what! she gave me a globe of the moon to toss around. jimmy wore his boy scout uniform. mmmm. it was good.

we went to the synagogue and there were cookies, but first isiah and his friend sam had their ceremony. the MC didn't realize it was for both of them and had to do it over again after he gave the speech to sam first. isiah's mom was called up to speak and a look of terror washed over his face. jimmy recited the eagle scout oath and fondled the american flag. i hadn't previously known that it wasn't allowed to touch the ground.

afterwards i got an enormous headache and passed out for a good long while, then awoke to jimmy requesting my presence at dinner with he and ernie. ernie had an awkward encounter with a ladyfriend, and jimmy and i trysted in the car while he said a polite goodbye to her before we went to target for two seconds. they closed when we got there, but we did have just enough time to swordfight with dvds. then the amazing sex.

i'm still outrageously shaky from it. it was SO INTENSE. and it wasn't as if i hadn't had it in a while, we had had sex the night before and it was astounding, but OH MY GOD. it certainly made today a much better day than it was. my headache, which hadn't been present for the sex, came back with a vengeance this morning to the point it impaired walking. i passed out at school (uncontrolled and unforeseen) and had to stand in the brutally bad weather for an hour waiting for the bus. winding and raining like a son of a bitch. it was severe. i kept getting blown out of my position i was trying to stay lodged in. i got to my stop and ran in to kiss jimmy, but had to then dart into panera and rub my face until the feeling came back. i was so frazzled.

then i passed out, again, with no intention of passing out, and woke EUGH.

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