a hiccup. a dynamically supercharged melt-your-face-off hiccup.

10:10 p.m. x 2007-04-18

umbrella tree's coming out with a new album! YES! YES!!!

and i finished ada, or ardor today. i'm going to try out rereading geek love, but i may revert back to ada. i miss van all ready. he's my favorite narrator ever. i don't have much trouble being entertained by characters, but i very rarely identify with them. and i indetify a lot with van. i am that much of a pompous ass.

actually, instead of rereading ada or geek love, i'm going to read speak, memory, since i have not read that yet, and since i've read extremely little nabokov that wasn't fiction. he takes my breath away, his writing. haha, i started the nabokov facebook group (psh) and was looking for a good quote to go in the "about" part, and i found one about writing that was just...geez. he was so incredible. and he was a teacher. even if i could have ever hoped on any plane of existence to have gotten into wellesly or harvard, etc, where he taught - i'd still be ridiculously, freakishly intimidated to expose my work to him for grading.


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