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10:05 p.m. x 2007-04-26

being two years removed now from the experience and not feeling as grossed out with it...i'd really like to acquire a tshirt from my high school, so that any and all i meet in my travels can be provided with a shred of proof that the mascot's a bubble and the colors are purple and gold. how ridiculous. now that i'm not associated with it, i think that's wonderful. it's a wonderful idea. it's kind of an awkward reality.

i'm speedily rereading geek love because it is fucking incredible. i must have bought it in seventh or eigth grade, because i remember having it definitely by eigth grade. and it always wows me. i have incredibly strong, vivid images of various scenes that came up before i became very into film, began to write myself and actively imagine many scenes regularly.

mmm, hunchbacked albino dwarves.

i was supposed to see catie today but she was disinclined to socialize, it seems. she's moving dooowwwn the coast on sunday, to south carolina, and her boyfriend of two years just severed things quite brutally. i feel bad for her, and i hope that things come together for her in south carolina. she's one of my oldest friends, and i only wish the best for her.

RENEE FOUND THE NAME OF A MOVIE I'VE BEEN LOOKING FOR FOR ALMOST NINE FUCKING YEARS. "rigoletto". now i need to order it and see if it was actually good, or if i appropriated better things as i watched the movie, which i used to do way too much.

odd: the initial writing out of a story comes so easily but revising it takes me forever. and ever. my concentration is so poor. i feel like it'll help when i can sit in my room with my laptop and write, and spring in and out of consciousness with spurts of creativity. that's how i've been working lately, in all respects. eugh.

i love woody allen.

"mmm, you smell nice."
"that aftershave. it just made my whole childhood come back with a sudden proustian rush."
"yeah? that's cause i'm wearing proustian rush by chanel."

if anybody should ask i'm going to a seminar
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