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12:53 a.m. x 2007-04-30

i love when i can think with a clear head. i don't know why i let myself get really fussed up sometimes...i think it's because i don't sleep like i ought to. i've been working on that. and on eating well, and exercising, and negotiating with myself. meditative breathing. constructive chatting. i turn twenty in a week.

i met a friend of jimmy's today, a girl he's real concerned about. and he and i talked about snapping, and how situations like the ones she's in don't end by virtue of common sense but by merely getting ultimately fed up. i love it when that happens. especially with myself. i can only take so much of my own shit before i have to shake my head and say "fuck this, you know, i'm happy".

i am so outrageously content.

he is largely responsible for said contentedness

he is so dedicated and supportive and reassuring...i just want that on the record. practically any nonsense insecurity he's ever had, he's erased, not even knowing in many cases there was even an anxiety present. he has put me so greatly at ease. i'm quite aware that i am very, very sensitive, but absolutlely any time i'm having a problem, he wants to understand it and wants to do something about it. he is never malicious. he is supportive of the decisions that i make and wants me to be happy. he challenges me a lot and makes me think, he has taught me a GREAT deal about compromise. i am so lucky for him, and his face!

mmmm...just making note of that. things are kicking ass right now. i need to learn how to cook.

if anybody should ask i'm going to a seminar
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