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11:29 p.m. x 2007-04-30

IT'S SWEALTERING! today was unpleasantly hot, as many, many days will be from here on in. not only, though, was it swealtering was windy. it was FUCKING WINDY. and when i got to the transfer center, the contents of my notebook and my diary spilled out and were blown clear up the street, into traffic. i screamed and scrambled for everything that landed behind my bench, and two bums valiantly persued every other piece of paper for me. it was remarkable. then they stacked boxes of crunch and munch on top of my stuff to keep it anchored down until the bus came. AGH!

then i came home and napped until nine, briefly woken up by a call from jimmy to tell me i'm cute (*^-^*) and then eventually i woke up writhing in sweat...i don't think the thermostat's been fiddled with yet.


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