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2:20 p.m. x 2007-05-04

alex gave me a birthday present today!!! a south african dance compliation, "kitsch & coolio", which is predominately an entire album called "ride on! with the frank popp ensemble", which is so insanely asskicking, as well as a book called 1000 films to change your life, compiled of writings by filmmakers as opposed to critics. mmmmmmmmm.

so that's the very good. the very bad is that jimmy's car is currently sporting circa-$700 worth of damages courtesy of a beleagured fanbelt. the car very suddenly sounded like shit, and then yesterday it broke down. jimmy's really distraught, and i feel very bad about it...i really really hope he doesn't allow it to interfere with my birthday. i mean, i understand if he can't get me a present now that he owes so much for car repairs, but i hope he doesn't allow the fact that he doesn't have a car stop him from hanging out with me on my birthday. that sounds cruel, but i mean he has a pride issue about driving and doesn't typically like to be driven by others...but it is my birthday, and hopefully he won't be quite as in pieces about it by then.

i really hope not, all i want is to chill with him. i hope he feels better soon. i don't think he deserves to feel so bad. he's the dearest thing to me <333.

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