she was dressed in white, i couldn't take my eyes off her, but that's not what i took off that night

11:40 a.m. x 2007-05-08

birthday recap!

after the sushi on saturday, i had work on sunday morning, but lexi and catie called me, ken left me a wonderful message, and jimmy left me a txt greeting that included "hey hey you you i'm glad that you're my girlfriend!", which i love. i then went home briefly to look better and then my mom took jimmy and i to the bookstore (where "the man who fell to earth", "the double life of veronique" and "kicking and screaming" [1995, not the 2005, will farrell nonsense] were purchased) and to dinner.

jimmy bought me "beauty and the beast", the 1946 version by jean cocteau, and he got me flowers. and they're GORGEOUS flowers, and i LLLOOOVVVEEE THEM!!! i am so so happy! my birthday was incredible. after dinner was over, jimmy and i embarked by ourselves and rented room 317 at the sleep inn that is across the highway from where he works, haha. it had exactly what i wanted, which...was just a bed. and him. and it was magnificent. we cuddled up a storm, bahaha.

i LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!!!! my birthday was everything i wanted. i am infinitely pleased. upon returning to earth yesterday afternoon, jimmy went to work but contacted me later in the evening. i was all ready turning in with a paper to write (accomplish'd) but he invited me out for a brief moment to help andrew with a psych experiment. ernie craned out of his sunroof and paid a toll in pennies masquerading as a mentally challenged man. it went over smashing, was recorded, and deserves a good grade. the project is called "deviance", and we did not have to pay the entirety of the toll. if you're ever in a bind at a turnpike, you're now aware of a fun way to skirt the charge.

now i feel like dancing.

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