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12:35 a.m. x 2007-05-19

i keep myself continuously writing. i have worked on the same things for many years. the longest running one i started in seventh grade. i'm working on three things very seriously at the moment and distracting myself with two others, one as a total revision and a very small thing in development. i had one of the big things critiqued today and am really moving along on the other, then entirely second guessing the old guy. no matter how long i walk away from the thing i've been working on since seventh grade, as soon as i start thinking about it, it becomes overwhelmingly difficult to articulate.

i'm probably trying to hard. i work myself too rigorously. even when i'm walking or relaxing i'm playing scenes in my head or i'm taking notes down. i need to chill or i'm going to burn out. ugh.

i got my grades today. B, C, C, D. i seriously thought it was going to be C, D, D, F, so, that's pretty cool. the D was biology. much like art history the fall of my freshman year, it suffered under the weight of a really shitty class (american literature, in this case - i only got a C because of the final, and that must go for math, too, which is the other C). B in ethics. my first non-A for a philosophy class. it was bound to happen. this semester was built to be distracted from. i'm fervently hoping this fall is more engaging.

mmm...the other morning jimmy called me and we snuggled together after we both woke up. it was deleriously sweet. i wanted like crazy to see him today, but i didn't get to...


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