lost in the blinding whiteness of the tundraaaaaa!

10:03 p.m. x 2007-05-20

lexi had a lovely party last night. she picked me up and we got her cake, then picked up clare and akasha and hit a brilliant dollar general. we arrived at lexi's and her friend brian awaited us, then kat and ernie came and we listened to the "soup" song and the hitler rap. it was miraculous.

danielle and a friend came soon after, and beth, and there was a lot of playing of the wii, specifically a competative cooking game. amanda appeared in a brief flash of cigarettes and sheetz and jimmy dropped by for a fair amount also. we nuzzled and ran a "discrete errand" and he administered a small lecture on computer maintainance to the gang. garlic sauce abounded. beth fell asleep in the living room and lexi, akasha, kat and myself hit the futon with danielle managing to fit on the floor (girl is six feet tall, damn). yammering until 6 a.m., i had roaring sinus woes the entire time.

heather and baconhead took me out to dinner tonight, which was very gracious of them considering i'm so wacked out. which is...duh...i went to bed at six and got up at nine, intermittently waking to the sound of those who rose before me. lexi's baby brother dolton is the fucking MAN! we had him around, and fiery habanero chips. mmmmmmm. such a good time. like the old times. long, meandering talks of disordered behavioral patterns, family skeletons and THE MOTHERFUCKING "SOUP" SONG.

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