io fei gibetto de le mei case

8:02 p.m. x 2007-06-13


i do not think college cares if i was fucked up in high school. i think that with it being well aware that eating disorders and alcohol abuse so rampant within itself, it's gonna look at me weird.

amidst my admissions drudgery there exists a mental healthy query, and i answered it truthfully. when asked if i had experienced "any of the following IN HIGH SCHOOL", i checked off that which applied. that which applied PISSED OFF my parents to the extent they want me to REPRINT IT and START OVER. because IT MAKES ME LOOK BAD.


if they are unaware of some of the problems i've harbored, i'm unable to get help for them. especially on this campus. aid is not availible to all students, only to those designated as needing it. that's pretty fucked up, but i KNOW i will need counselling. i want to make it clear to them to keep me on the list.

and my cat died and my mother lied to me about it. jesus god that woman is fucking insane.

if anybody should ask i'm going to a seminar
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