9:37 p.m. x 2007-06-14

dear diaryland, i would not trade you for a million myspaces. or facebooks. especially facebooks. eugh.

i acquired a facebook sometime around the beginning of the year to keep in touch with tweak, but i thought she deleted hers. so i was left with a sad, useless little facebook that i despise. now i've found her and am able to use it, but wow. i hate the way it's set up. even myspace is somewhat malleable.

but YOU, YOU diaryland. you are all that is malleable, and personable and friendly and reliable. and as long as i'm able, i never plan on letting go of you.


that being said, i need to erect a new layout. to celebrate blogging on a NEW COMPUTER! which i don't have yet. just like i don't know what dorm i've been assigned yet. i'm way super high up on a list of people to get a single room, but i may have to have a room mate "for at least a semester", which is very very reasonable. but i'd just like to KNOW. everyone else but me knows where and with whom they'll be saddled with except meeeeeee. people have all ready begun negotiations and have communicated likes and dislikes and annoyances and intolerabilities. i really don't want to surprise anyone with me. nor do i want to be surprised with anyone who likes kelly clarkson. shit.

if anybody should ask i'm going to a seminar
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