9:42 p.m. x 2007-06-16

i've just woken up from a nap. it was a good nap, but i didn't mean to take one since i wanted to sleep tonight. gya. yesterday, after getting around to cleaning and a great many other little things i'd put off, i went out to dinner and the mall with amanda. then i was supposed to watch "silence of the lambs" with jimmy...whereupon i wanted to talk to him...however ernesto wound up joining us, which was very fine. i tasted beer and confirmed my dislike of it, but found that i enjoy limes more than i'd previously reasoned. i also secured my own little snack bag of fiery habanero chips. i hate snack chip things but i lovvvvvve them aaaaagh.

then we watched "silence of the lambs", which jimmy really responded to, which really really pleased me. ernie fell asleep, overwhelmed by the curiosity regarding what tonight holds for him. he's out with his ladylove and she's got a surprise for him, and i'm excited to hear about it.

otherwise, i'm pretty malcontented. which has got to sort itself out. and by sort itself out it means i've got to take a some action. and change some of my very rigid attitudes, perhaps. as it goes.

gahhh, i have to find food.

if anybody should ask i'm going to a seminar
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