i am greatly relieved that the universe is finally explainable. i was beginning to think it was me.

12:16 a.m. x 2007-06-20

neon horse are fantastic, i think, if "cuckoo" is indicative of what the rest of their body of work is going to sound like. it's deliciously peculiar and sung by a rockin fat man. the video has inspired an upcoming halloween costume for kara.

i bought a white dress today. i've wanted one for a while and i found the exact, right one for me today. it was with a few dresses, and i bought the black one as well but it's much plainer. the white one has a lot going for it. it's not even white, necessarily..."creme"...i think i may be daring and take some black sharpie to the buttons. it aches for accents. but i really like it, and i think it'll freak jimmy out when he comes back from virginia.

one might assume wearing mostly black would become boring, but i don't do it because of some sense of duty or loyalty. i own some purple, pink, red and white items. i buy whatever i think is most attractive. i think black is the most attractive "color" (speculative...'s not exactly a color, you know what i mean) and hence why i buy most things in it. for skirts i prefer patterns, i just happen to not encounter many nice ones.

my aunt came out for a spontaneous visit today! being that it was her anniversary, and she and her husband went to gettysburg and stopped over...we went shopping, hence the dresses...and also "sweet movie"! YES! YESSS!!! and the book of lies and a fat little taschen book on alchemy and mystic art. my bookshelf overrunneth. i ought to seriously invest in shelving units...they're more important than posters, of which i only have a few anyway...

i despise facebook, but recently have enjoyed one aspect of it very much: for each network they have statistics on top interests, music, movies, tv and books, as well as percentages indicating gender, political views and relationship status. harvard AND princeton AND columbia AND cornell AND dartmouth AND yale AND upenn all list their top book as harry potter. WHAT IN GOD'S NAME?! only brown deviates with the great gatsby, though their top activity is listed as ultimate frisbee. so...ivy leagures, you're really something. but i'm no better, because i'm bitter. towards both you and jk rowling.


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