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8:45 p.m. x 2007-06-30

it is JACKET WEATHER in my house!

i got sushi after work today. i was in pursuit of new pants, which i did not get. i got a little sweatery thing and three or four handy shirts. no pants today, maybe tomorrow. i also discussed the laptop with my mother. she bought my sister her's but wanted me to pay for all of mine, then, being as i am...very weird about money...i said if that was the case (it'd never been brought up before), i'd just be content to take the beige beast with me. then she kind of flipped and i guess got embarrassed for me, thinking of everybody else at school and their laptops and me and the big guy here.

a laptop would probably be handy...but in reality...if you just pumped some more memory into this guy...i mean, it's all i've ever known and it's a source of comfort. i've had the computer upon which i type this entry - this monstrous beige gateway 2000 - since circa 1996. the keyboard and mouse are the only new things because i mutilated them, and that was only a year ago. this guy's taken hits. his tower was completely refurbished. he's a great big honking badass and ALL OF MY STUFF is all ready dwelling within him. i really don't think i'd mind.

and if i have to pay for this hypothetical laptop, i will not mind at all. though the laptop is slender and red. mmmmmm. i'll see how it goes.

the opressively torrential quality of my hormones is troubling and long, awkward hours are inevitably resultant.

bettie page was a taurus! that's why she's alive today. badasssss.

if anybody should ask i'm going to a seminar
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