1:13 a.m. x 2007-07-07

i've been missing the internet for a week. it wasn't too cool the way comcast kept telling me it'd be up again "in twelve hours" every time i asked. i hermit'd things up and watched the entirety of "evangelion". hence. i like asuka. she is the foundation for my interest and pursuits in psychology. she is profoundly fucked up, even for an anime character.

somewhere out there, ernie's proposing. he called me to ask where he should do it. i told him not to do it at the lake, but that's just me. i don't like the lake and how there's so much property around it. that's a manmade lake for you. i'd prefer my engagement, if it is to be by a body of water, to be by one unmuddied by human endeavors. even the creek would be cuter. but i bet he did it at the lake. we'll just have to see.

i almost saw transformers last night. oh boy.

yesterday the weather TURNED INTO BULLSHIT and jimmy and duff wanted to trek out to find transformers gear, because they both really really like transformers. they have always. jimmy's back wall is a shrine to the franchise - the entire back wall of his room. it's impressive. i bought him a die-cast soundwave to add to his collection, and for myself am seriously entertaining the thought of purchasing a softimus prime, a plush version of the obvious. we were going to go see the movie with jimmy's coworkers but were pulled over OUTSIDE OF THE MOTHERFUCKING THEATRE. in the meantime, all tickets were sold and the entrance closed.

so i still haven't seen transformers. but i will.

i was really depressed this week, so you were really spared. today i dropped some real flow on the cherriest of all shoes, and i'm in a much better mood. not to mention i had one of those filled up 15% off cards! OH YEAH! that never happens to me. mmmm.

so i've got them to enjoy. and jimmy gave me his store's promo copy of "icky thump"! very very nice. very nice.

if anybody should ask i'm going to a seminar
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