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6:33 p.m. x 2007-07-07

my deux cents on anime:

i was trying to think. i think this is right, this is all i can speak on -

azumanga daioh
cardcaptor sakura
clamp campus detectives
devil hunter yohko
gundam wing
gunsmith cats
neon genesis evangelion
sailor moon
serial experiments lain
sol bianca
tenchi muyo

a word about each, then.

azumanga daioh (2001) - this series is special. it chronicles a group of fuck ups through their four years of high school, essentially spanning the exact same time i was in high school. it captures how the peculiarities of your friends and haphazard injokes utterly fucking rule.

cardcaptor sakura (1998) - a young lady has a crush on her older brother's boyfriend. she, meanwhile, is being doggedly pursued by her best friend. it's pretty much pokemon with the achingly cute homoerotic melodrama amped up to eleven.

clamp campus detectives (1997) - the same team responsible for sakura (and chobits, if you've dared to tread into that territory). i really admire them for how dedicated to the uncomfortable they are. three boys, potentially pubescent, illegal no matter how you look at it, are dashing. they wear scandalous short shorts and rescue swooning ladies. it's ridiculously inappropriate. i have a poster of them on my wall.

devil hunter yohko (1991) - my neighbor and i watched this together one afternoon, and i was henceforth very aware of what an erection was. absolute filth. i think every anime would really like to be this.

gundam wing (2000) - the psychology of war, conditioning, brainwashing, breaking of the human will to live, gay gay gay innuendo. you can go ahead and hop on board for the thematic elements but you will likely end up staying for the rampant homoeroticism (i.e., the character treize, who looks exactly like tom cruise).

gunsmith cats (1995) - this is good old fashioned asskicking. two girls holed up in their house pursued by the authorities while all this crime syndicate bullshit's raging. leave them alone, trust them. they'll kick all the ass that needs kicking.

neon genesis evangelion (1995) - the entire series finale is a psychoanalysis of the primary cast. not a soul escapes dysfunction. there's gaggles of references to all things metaphysical, religious, apocraphyl, psychological, neurological and badass. asuka in particular is fucked on the epic scale the DSM dreams of.

pokemon (1998) - provides a very gentle introduction to BDSM relationships. i had to stop watching because i hate ash. i hate him.

sailor moon (1995) - i really love anything where the fuckup prevails, and here's where it begins. this show is so tightly packed with good morals and honor and important life lessons in being a badass that you're liable to miss the subtle incestuous and lesbian overtones. works best as a gateway drug, as it is tame fair compared to the rest.

serial experiments lain (1998) - all the mac references make you feel very paranoid by the end. this depicts an existential dilemma equal to that of evangelion but is conducted in a much more abstract manner by the means of a much more common element of human life. man created godlike creatures that were the evangelions and the pilots ask themselves "why do i pilot the eva?" a.k.a., why do i believe in god. not too many of us pilot evas, but a fair amount of us make use of the internet. maybe you do both. far be it from me to pass judgement.

sol bianca (1999) - i only bought one volume of this but it's fucking gorgeous. even the butch lesbian. ESPECIALLY her.

tenchi muyo (1992) - i really enjoy watching things and seeing evidence of where they come from. i like it when french people do french things in french movies. i like cultural diversity. not only do you get a lot of japan out of tenchi muyo, you get six oft-naked alien ladies. and i bet that's what you were looking for if you found this page off google.

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