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1:25 p.m. x 2007-07-10

technically, this is how it goes...jimmy asked me out on 15 july, i said yes 20 july, we broke up circa 28 august, we resumed dating 10 october. to that end, we've been celebrating anniversaries every the 10th. but technically the big one year's on the 15th. the argument could also be made that it'll really have been a year in october, since that's when things have been as they currently are, which is good. but since we've never ceased to be intimately involved (and technically began being so 18 may) since 15 july 2006, that's where i start it from. so on the 15th it'll have really been a solid year.

and on the 15th...we'll be in new york! with ernie and dispatch. i want to leave good and early and see the place before the concert begins. i want to see the strand bookstore badly. badly badly badly. we've hit quite the snag where transportation is concerned...neither of them are keen on driving straight into manhattan. so i was employed to find an alternate method of travel. it'd be far too expensive to take the train in ($270 between the three of us for a round-trip), but to drive to weehawken and ferry over takes gas money + $7 each way. so that's clearly more appetizing.

however, being that we'd be at the wim of the public transit system, there exists the issue of not being able to dictate when we come and go. there's plenty of options concerning the going, but when to comes to leaving the city...the ferries cease at midnight, and they don't resume until 8 a.m. i've just checked out the greyhound schedule, and a bus departs harrisburg at 9 and starts back from manhattan circa 3:30 a.m., which sounds smashing. i'll have to see if they go for that as well.

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