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10:41 p.m. x 2007-07-13

planning the trip is going a lot better. all the places i'd enjoy hitting are pretty much within five minutes of each other, which is badass. i've been mapquesting and googlemapping up a fucking storm (and as a result, i hate both of them now, with a burning fervent passion). jimmy's feeling better now that ernie has monday off, so...haha, we'll be in new york until 8 a.m. monday! at the least. geeeeeeeeeeeeesshhh. that'll be an adventure. i've plotted out some places near where we'll be that are open 24/7. jimmy's going to curl up in a booth and sleep and ernie and i are probably going to coffee it up until our departure. that'll be nuts. but i'm very excited.

i'm trying to manipulate a liiiiiiittle bit of money from my mom for a peek in the strand bookstore. i found a cute place for japanese treats. it'll be a good trip.

i really really love the song "dare" by gorillaz, but i liked it even more when i thought the disembodied head in the video was saying "it's dead" rather than "it's dare". that makes that little refrain sound so much more eerie. "never did no harm, never did no harm...comin up, comin's dead". see? i prefer that. i prefer it even more with that disembodied head. i never see music videos but i happened to catch that one last night. i loved it.

i didn't like not getting to sleep until 6, but when i'm in new york i will value that skill, being that i'll need to be up & functional until EIGHT A.M. hahahahaha. i kind of like that, but ernie sounded befuddled. i told him i'd bring a board game but i don't think he believed me (i'll try and tote along my wee chess set, but i don't think "clue" would survive the city). hehehe.

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