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10:38 p.m. x 2007-07-17

new york was breathtaking.

we intended to take the ferry from weehawken to NYC, but missing the weehawken exit, as was just bound to happen, plunges one into the lincoln tunnel. we popped up pretty much on time square AND...AND jimmy's car shook violently and died at an intersection. in manhattan. we got it to shiver over to a curb (beside a starbucks, a mcdonalds and a porn shop, of course) and eventually we were towed to safety. higher-grade fuel was employed and back across the tunnel we made it to port authority. we parked over a mile away and had to walk, but oh, we made it!

we ate at the hard rock and jimmy and ernie really enjoyed the food and the decor, which pleased me. i hoped to find a place we all liked, and that was a good choice. we also went to the virgin megastore and toys r us and at least five starbucks (may as well take advantage of it, you know). jimmy found out there was an FYE on avenue of the americas & 50th street, which we're going to have to return and check out, because he really wants to.

we passed the most gorgeous bum known to man, sporting a sign that read "need money for hookers, drugs and booze. at least i'm not bullshitting you." ernie gave him a tidy sum for a lapdance, to which the bum gleefully responded "yeah-heah! FUCK FOOD!" i really appreciate that kind of blunt honesty. mmm.

the concert was phenomenal. the atmosphere was so positive and everyone was so happy to be there! there were conga lines going constantly around the stadium and almost everyone sang every song along with the band. dispatch really pushed their message, which was relief in zimbabwe. i cried like a bitch. frequently. especially at first. by the end i was starting to get a grip on myself and then they played "the general", which sort of makes me cry as is, and that rendition of it made me flip my chips (it is also the only dispatch song i know, so go figure).

after that a very polite and personable cabby zipped us back through the tunnel and over to our vehicle, where we made it safely home in a very painstaking five hours. goodness god! jimmy took two naps and i believe ernie sleapt most of the time. i had an anxiety attack at a rest stop because it was so humid and i couldn't get out of the car because i'd taken most of my clothes off (which sounds worse than it actually was, but i still wasn't going outside into the parking lot of an abandoned mcdonalds, no way).

since then i haven't been able to walk that good, but i am now the proud owner of SOFTIMUS PRIME. FUCK YEAH!

when i'm down as i've been lately, a stuffed animal is usually the answer. a stuffed animal and a very good song, of which i've discovered several. "dare" by gorillaz, "somebody to love" by jefferson airplane, "double dare" by bauhaus, "camilo" by state radio and "dogs" by pink floyd are currently curling up with softimus & i.

i have to remember that lexi has my copy of geek love, my sketchers boots, "heavenly creatures" and evangelion. gahhhh.

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