become as murderers

7:55 p.m. x 2007-07-22


i felt like utter shit last night, but i'm bucking up a little bit now. work was frustrating this weekend, my sleep's been trying to de-wack itself and due to that i've lost a considerable amount of sleep. not to mention those hormones do a number on me. also my eating habits are warping, things of that nature, shifts in the social climate. my body hates all that shit, so it's bound to leave me feeling messed with.

might i say, joy electric is really something.

i think i hate somebody, but i'm going to give myself some time/space to consider that. although i know i'm only saying that because i'm waiting for a show of affection, a meaningful gesture of friendship, a moment like there used to be, and i know that's what i want time for and i really don't believe it'll come. i wasn't a priority throughout all of those things and i'm not one now that they're over. i really do hope that erodes your self esteem for years to come. i would say that to your face but i don't need to reinforce what will ultimately be exploited as self-pity.

i have faith in karma.

if anybody should ask i'm going to a seminar
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