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9:43 p.m. x 2007-07-25

today i got some storage units. and "blouse trees". they're hangers with five hanging utilities. they look practical enough, so i bought three. fifteen tops in three hangers worth of space. mmm.

i discovered these things called "biorhythms", which i was not previously aware of. where you enter in your birthday and it calculates your physical, intellectual and emotional aptitude for the day. i'm currently subpar physically, and absolutely in the shitter emotionally and mentally. although i'm "on the rise" overall.

suddenly sleepaway-college's website isn't terrible anymore. it was terrible last night, then this morning it was suddenly attractive. i guess they finally noticed that it was pretty embarrassing. i could've made the old site in eigth grade. apparently this place is one of 44 that the carnegie foundation thinks is sexy. i can't find any other information about this list, but here they are:

albion college allegheny college amherst college barnard college bates college beloit college bowdoin college carleton college centre college carlemont mckenna colby college college of the holy cross college of wooster cornell college davidson college denison university depauw university dickinson college franklin and marshall grinnell college hamilton college hampden-sydney college hampshire college hanover college haverford college kalamazoo college kenyon college knox college lafayette college lawrence university lycoming college (dun dun dunnnn) macalester college pomona college tandolph-macon college saint olaf college southwestern university spelman college swarthmore college union college ursinus college vassar college wellesley college wheaton college whitman college

i live down the street from dickinson and jimmy's grandmother lives beside ursinus. i always forget dickinson is a school people want to go to, because i'm so familiar with the area. i wonder if that's how it is for people who live next to harvard traffic. i knew a kid with the last name hamilton who went to hamilton, and i thought that was nuts.

vassar is my wet dream. my academic wet dream, that is. haverford is my conventional sex wet dream (well, actually, the prep school is, not the college necessarily).

i really want to see jimmy tonight. i'm waiting on word from him. we were supposed to hang out last night but it didn't come together, which made me upset. i miss him very badly and want to get a chance to just...snuggle. that's all i ask. just a bit of nuzzling and kind words. that's what friends, especially significant others, are there for...after all...the whole rest of the world exists to put you through the rigors and make you feel like shit! and then you have your friends and your significant other, whom you can go home and curl up in after a hard day of the rest of the world. and i need it bad. I NEED MY NUZZLING. I DEMAND A NUZZLING NOW.

i even bought a new sweater today, and where better to exploit it than a quality nuzzling?

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