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12:35 a.m. x 2007-07-28

i didn't get to see jimmy before he left T__T we bungled the time and i was out when his dad came home. but i'll see him monday/tuesday, and i'll take the weekend to finish up dorm shopping. i'll see if kara'd like to get indian food! MMM!

today was pretty important. i bought a calculator. i've never actually owned my own calculator before, because they were always provided for me in high school, and because in many classes i've taken (read: remedial math courses), we weren't allowed to use them. so i finally own a calculator. also purchased was a computer lap desk (though no...no computer yet), a wee desk set (little stapler! little hole punch! little tape dispencer! it's amazing!), a set of folders, a great big notebook, a little snappy reading light, an "accessory box" which i think will come in very handy...and some sharpies. then i went home and found ALL my sharpies. so now i've got a lot of sharpies.

i need to buy expo markers for my whiteboard, so i can draw salad fingers on it. that's very important.


i was just reading several articles about dell laptops spontaneously combusting. everyone wants me to get a dell, and even despite these articles...i personally have had many negative experiences with dell laptops, even if they were concievably older than myself. i'm not sure what to do. i could get a mac book but nobody wants me to do that either because i'm not going into communications. i understand this is a lot of what other people want, but what i want is to go shopping and see them and compare, but that seems to be too big a deal to everyone.

i think i'll get a dell, and if it happens to burst into flames, i'll get a mac. but whatever i get, THIS GUY'S COMING TOO!

if anybody should ask i'm going to a seminar
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