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10:33 p.m. x 2007-07-30

  • ingmar bergman died today. he was born in 1918. he lived a good long life.

  • "THE DARK KNIGHT" TEASER TRAILER IS OUT! the joker's voice has me so turned on (and i'd rather think of it like that, as being the joker's voice...that doesn't make me feel quite as weird as if i were to write that heath ledger's voice has me turned on...).

  • i have a vast array of expo markers. i'm going to draw salad fingers on my white board at school, and he's going to announce everything i have to say. and i think the first thing he'll say will be "KABLOOMERS! destrucción!" hahahaha. holy freaking balls!

  • there's a good chance i may be organized at school. if not, i'm going to have the best file cabinets full of nonsensical bullshit ever, because i bought some awesome wee file cabinet guys today. i hope i don't inadvertantly fill them with crap. i tend to do that to everything.

  • jimmy needs to cheer up. ernie and i are conspiring to cheer him up. i am conspiring to clean my night stand drawer, and the bottom drawer of my dresser. i have the craziest stuff in there.

    jimmy comes home tomorrow!!! i believe!!! i don't remember now!!! but i think so!!!

    if anybody should ask i'm going to a seminar
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