cool! a dictionary! i'm gonna look up blowjob.

11:09 p.m. x 2007-08-07

gahh. message from the roommate, reading that the first two weeks of college are to be celebrated, and thus, for the initial two weeks, she'll be partying zealously. that's all right. most of her friends are in a different hall, and she says that the partying may bypass our room entirely...but just in or two (well spaced) parties wouldn't be bad. i'll give it a whirl. there's always the very stately lobby, and the eerie, far corners of the campus. i'm across the way from the ripped-from-"the shining"-style student lounge. and if all else fails, "musick to play in the dark vol. I", dennis cooper and my booklight can chill under the comforter with me. it'll be a good time, i know it will.

point of insecurity: all my friends are taking assloads of classes. clare has seven listed, and tweak has six. i have four...five if you count that lab, but it's not real. i can really only manage four at a time WELL, and i've even failed at that occasionally. maybe i'll pick up another credit in the spring...but i don't want to suck. i REALLY don't want to suck. ugh, the tumultuousness.

i could study in prague. i'm going to check that out, because that could be INSANE!

if anybody should ask i'm going to a seminar
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