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8:50 p.m. x 2007-08-08

hey hey swiffer, i wanna marry you.

i cleaned today. it was pretty hardcore for me. my room and the bathroom. the bathroom was a pile of filth, i'm glad i did that. the room is still kind of nasty (isn't that great) but i'm getting there. i picked out some random personal trinkets to take to school...nun puppet, wind-up nun, freud, togepi...i've gotta get the yellow submarine lunchbox ornament and konekineko down from the shelf yet. i'm going to take the happy birthday note, the "T3H W1N" note and the valentine from jimmy...i'm going to take some frames but put new pictures in. like kara in the bear hat and one of clare with purple hair. i have a series of those that i love.

my roommate sounds pretty friendly. she sent me another message today about how nice everyone is and how helpful they are on moving day, so i can anticipate not having to lug all my shit three flights by myself. that's cool. we're going to try and arrive at the same time. i live closer and i promised that if i arrived first i'd wait until she came to choose my bed. i like to be courteous.

it was so nice to hear jimmy talk about how he'll miss me and how he's going to visit...for a long time he was very "you're going to school to concentrate on school, don't let things like me distract you", which he's finally coming around about. i'm going to be able to concentrate fine, especially if i don't have to worry about whether or not i'm going to see him. monday was was everything i've wanted for the past month, which was just to talk to him very honestly. and as always, whenever we get to do that, the results were smashing.

i'm going to get my sleep regulated tonight, i've decided. tomorrow i'm waking up at a decent hour no matter what.

if anybody should ask i'm going to a seminar
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