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8:24 p.m. x 2007-08-11

PSY436: personality theory
a review of the major theories of personality development and personality functioning. in addition to covering the details of each theory, the implications and applications of each theory are considered. this course is best taken by psychology majors in the senior year, because it integrates material from diverse areas of psychology.

well fuck. i'm very riveted, but that will be difficult. i'm taking mr. 400-level in the afternoon, and waking up to good old PSY117, "developmental psych". not as excited about that one, but i love psychology and am more excited about that than my other two classes. they're all 100-level except mr. personality. huhhhh boy. my other major requirements include 431 & 432, experimental psych and sensation & perception. they'll be cool. i'd like to knock out one in the spring. i'm very close to being done with my major requirements.

ugh...i saw my old best friend at the mall and it discomombulated me to the point of tears. i wrote a really nasty entry about it before my computer spontaneously shut off. ugh. i was leaving a store and she and her mother passed right by me. she didn't see me but her mother did, and she glared at me when i waved. then i ran away to the other end of the mall and cried. it wasn't a pleasant experience, but my mom bought me a gorgeous coat right afterwards to help me feel better. i really like it. i bought the dresden dolls' "live at the roundhouse" dvd too, and i just watched that. i feel better than i did.

if anybody should ask i'm going to a seminar
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