8:58 p.m. x 2007-08-15

yes: MY LAPTOP ARRIVED TODAY. i've got it all hooked up and everything. it's working fine. two issues: no mouse yet (still waiting for it to be shipped), and it seems to hate AIM fervently. which is why i'm back on mr. beige to write this entry. though soon, soon, that guy will have it all going on.

jimmy bought me "INLAND EMPIRE" last night! and i spent all glorious night with it. it was an emphatic three hours of yes and i love everything about it. the dancing whores. "fucker's been sowin some pretty heavy shit". even justin theroux's southern accent. and that crazy little thing called grace zabriskie. brutal fucking murder!!! it was everything i could've hoped for. it was late but i also watched "ballerina" and "lynch 2" on the supplements. david lynch is so cute. diane ladd was a surprise in the film, i didn't know she was in it. i think i knew that laura elena harring was but i'd forgot. overall it was just YES! YES! YES TO MAGIC! YES TO LYNCH! jimmy bought it for me and dropped it off, and it was very special. i'm hoping he comes over very soon to see the laptop (whose name is "foxy").

i have "brokeback mountain" to tackle tonight (yes, i went there).

no: kara ditched me today. i'm pretty bothered about it.

if anybody should ask i'm going to a seminar
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