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11:10 p.m. x 2007-08-16

new "the dark knight" stills were leaked today, so i celebrated by buying a purple jacket. it's insanely pimp. no matter what anybody else thinks. i love my purple jacket. and these leaked stills.

i do feel bad about christopher nolan. the stills were removed from the forum they were initially posted on "at his request" (which, like everything on the internet, is speculative). regardless of whether or not that was legitimate, it is pretty obvious that he doesn't want all this stuff hanging around when the movie's legitimate release is still a year away.

gahhh, i plan on seeing that bitch every day it's in theatres!!! YESSS!!!

last night i watched "brokeback mountain" and cried my eyes out until 4 a.m. i did not anticipate that reaction. especially with the "slingblade"-centric mumbling that occupied the first segment of the film. as heath ledger became gradually more coherent, i was more and more moved. then the end just destroyed me. i want to watch it again but i CAN'T! AGH!

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