naan bread

8:48 p.m. x 2007-08-23

sister no more. it is incredibly quiet up here. now her roommate gets to enjoy her atrocious habit of coming into the room, turning the tv and the stereo off, and leaving. she just goes into rooms to turn shit on and leaves! AGH! BUT NO MORE!

i went out with kara yesterday to get indian food...and did the same today with laura. the first time i got a lamb dish with apricot/coconut sauce that was really festive...then today i got paneer, which kara got yesterday. i REALLY like paneer. and garlic naan bread. and holy FUCKING shit...MINT SAUCE. with cilantro. i'm going to make it myself and put it on evvvverything. laura and i also got a "white passion" for dessert. it was an absolute miracle. i had her take a picture of it. it's so decorative.

my mom thought "naan bread" was called "non-bread", to which she asserted "look, it either is bread, or it isn't".

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