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10:18 p.m. x 2007-09-08

i was a nothing master today. i don't feel very bad about it because i know i'll be up writing for a while yet. i woke up and showered and talked to a friend from high school until dinner. this kid, ryan, not my good friend ryan but another ryan that i had integrated math with, contacted me though amber y. it was kind of eerie, because i've owned 1984 for years and never read it until now, and he sprang to mind because once in math he encouraged me to have a two minute hate at the morning announcements. he sounds like he's doing well for himself.

dinner was inedible but i missed my chance for a smoothie by talking to lexi. it was okay because i missed lexi more than the smoothie was necessary. i picked up a sobe tsunami instead, and it disturbed my stomach just as badly as it did jimmy's when he had one the night before i left. my stomach really can't get a break. i tried to have hotwings on tuesday and my body went "NO". i have to make a list for my mom of things to send me in a "care package" so i have some things to eat in the room.

i get intensely nostalgic for hacc when i go to the cafeteria. the food was EXCELLENT. i am hoping that people randomly come over and sit with me because they think i'm intriguing and mysterious. and i'm hoping those people don't suck. i met some cool people at hacc that way and i think my social skills have elevated to the level where i can really be a good friend to them this time. as long as they don't suck. i just have to have faith in them.

gahhhhh i miss amber w.

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