optimash prime: more than meets the fry

9:52 p.m. x 2007-09-10

now seriously considering: the MA counselling program at webster university in geneva. because it looks too good. way too good. temple is also a choice, still, as well as pitt.

for now i'm just going to chill and enjoy being where i am. that is ill-clad and sweating with a procession of strangers coming and going right behind me.

i had the worst kind of dream this morning, which is the kind where i wake up and get ready. i have those dreams often, when i'm really supposed to be waking up and getting ready. so i slept in half an hour and RACED to class where i was outrageously incoherent. i promised myself i'd go to the gym but no dice. i did, however, take a pleasant walk after dinner. tomorrow i'm hitting the god damn gym after i do my laundry and get lunch. yes sir yes sir.

i had a great talk with jimmy last night. i made my feelings known but he was also really steamy and affectionate, which i needed. he sent me some pictures and...hehe...we had a wonderful time. there's quite a bit i have to talk to him about, but i feel much more at ease. hopefully i'll get to see him soon. tonight we've been dating for fourteen months.

i'm writing a paper from the point of view of a terrible character in a terrible movie. it's giving my soul cramps. the lead actress' nostrils are probably what's been giving me such intense nightmares all this week.


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