will his hands know what mine do

5:22 p.m. x 2007-09-11

potentially on my way to the gym - however, the female eunuch is calling me. i'd rather just laze around and read, but my body doesn't afford me that. i should at least go on a walk, if not to the gym.

i've convinced myself. that's what i'm doing. after i've informed you of this, that is: i'm going home friday to see FEIST in concert with KAAARAAA. i'm sooo happy about that. and if jimmy wants to come he still can because tickets are at the door. so that will be awesome. i'm also going supergroceryshopping with my mom (that looks like an oxymoron, but i am determined) so that i can eat better without necessarily having to subject myself to mixed fruit and cucumbers and a bagel every single time i eat. i'm going to get sushi while i'm there, and i'm going to enjoy it. mmmmmmm.

i love the song "burying luck" so much. i really love the entirety of minus the bears' "planet of ice" but that is my favorite. i need to listen beyond it, though, and enjoy the whole album. i also need to buy some blank cds and burn michelle something. i do that sort of thing to be nice, i give people things. i gave her a dollar today for giving me fifty cents. she gave me another fifty cents but i really gave her the dollar just out of appreciation for her being a nice person.

okay, WALKIN.

if anybody should ask i'm going to a seminar
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