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10:48 a.m. x 2007-09-13

i really like my roommate. she's got so much stuff going on health-wise trying to sort her allergy medication out and she has to go home every weekend and work on it. she always sounds on the verge of tears about it and now she's upset on the phone to her mom. i feel really terrible because she's a wonderful person. i'm going to buy her sushi again next time we go grocery shopping. she's an awesome roommate and i feel bad that she's so stressed.

it feels wonderful in here today. yesterday I DIDN'T SWEAT AT ALL. NOT ONCE. the weather has really lightened up. i'm wearing a jacket right now!!! and soon i'm going to head out and get lunch. and finally FINALLY FINALLY finally go to the on campus cafe. i know its hours of operation now.

i need to get a hold of kara today about the concert tomorrow. also i read something about lexi coming home early, so maybe she'll be able to go after all...i also invited jimmy along, so i'll have to see if he's working or not. and, ugh, get a ride in order. i am ready to drive. i am very ready to drive. make no mistake: i'm getting the permit over christmas and by next year i WILL be driving competantly.

i'm so excited to get kissed. etc. SO BAD. i really want to be close to jimmy and have a talk with him. i'm really hoping to sleep with him. i need it desperately.

if anybody should ask i'm going to a seminar
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