to find that i was by the sea gazing with tranquility

9:26 p.m. x 2007-09-17

i'm feeling very good today. i had two halves of a wrap (technically an entire wrap by the end of the day) for lunch and dinner, an apple and a banana, some cucumbers and celery, and for breakfast an orange and...TWO MINISCONES! HOLY SHIT! these miniscones are remarkable. toffee almond. jesus. they are incredible.

and jimmy gave me a call and we talked about seeing transformers in imax this friday!!! which i'm so excited about!!! YES!!! also amazing: himalayan wonder tonic. the rooibos/red peach flavor. that was very nice and refreshing.

my roommate swapped out my tv for her' now i'll have my tv again when i go home...but now she has a sense of entitlement to the tv and has been watching it nonstop. as in...watching tv. not watching movies, which is what i could do all day. watching tv. i hope this behavior doesn't persist. i feel bad because she's had such a bad week, but i can't take too much of this. i hate television.

but that's not too bad. things are very very good. the weekend was amazing, going to gettysburg with lexi and akasha and snuggling up a storm with jimmy. it was absolutely perfect. i'm looking foreword to this weekend and imax aaahhh!!! i'm so pleased.

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