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5:50 p.m. x 2007-09-19

after yesterday's mopefest, i've decided to go on a boosh-binge this evening. some wizard people as well. i love this so much. there is loads of awesomeness around. i love having tea and nutella and miniscones and white cheddar everthing at my disposal.

i had a test in every class this past week. ugh. i think i didn't do too bad on the dev psych test, but i don't remember. i didn't do bad. i got a B on my music test, which is excellent. i don't know about today...i had a test in both bio and personality...ugh. i'm glad i know now what kind of tests to expect in every class, but i could've done better on personality.

bebida fe litchi is pretty awesome. i'm really craving paneer. the closest indian restaurant is apparently in...harrisburg...where i just was...so i think i'll have to practice some ingenuity about my paneer. i think i'm going to go to the store this weekend and make some. i have to jet around the area on THE BUS! YES! IT'S MY TRIUMPHANT RETURN TO PUBLIC TRANSIT! i got a discount on the bus for going to community college, but now that i go to sleepaway-school, i can ride for free. cha-ching. it's not capital transit, and apparently the routes are simpler. we'll see about that. all i want is to get my perscription filled. i have to bus it til i can move the perscription to the rite aid within walking distance of me. and the rite aid within walking distance of my house.

jimmy was really upset last night...i hope he isn't tonight...

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