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10:23 p.m. x 2007-10-02

i tried repurchasing my gold membership, but no such luck yet. paypal's hating on my internet connection tonight. i'm feeling peculiar again. i'm going in circles with this like you'd never believe.

i've got a paper to write. tomorrow i am going to work on it in the quiet period between my first classes and personality. tonight's not quiet enough for paper-writing. garbage is playing and i'm enjoying it enough that i don't want to say to shut it off. i fell off my chair fixing the christmas lights on the ceiling and my legs are extremely tender.

this weekend i'm going to have paneer, i'm going to see my friends, i'm going to be cuddled, and i'm going to be happy. i invited jimmy to spend the night at my house. i hope he does because i want to spend some time with him and he works the whole time i'm there.

i think i may need to tell my roommate to shut the music off. i can't concentrate at all with music playing. i've got my headset on and am listening to "rita walks/sunset boulevard/aunt ruth" and "diner" by angelo badalamenti, which are rumbly and airy and soundscapy to get away from the noise. i like music a lot, but only in doses. i can't stand all this noise.

i hope i wake up early enough tomorrow to go get a mocha. i love awful coffee drinks, and i really need some caffeine. i haven't had it for the past few days, and today i napped completely through doing my laundry. it was done, i just took a ridiculous nap between loading and unloading it, and more than likely drew a stare.

tomorrow i guess i'm going to that sorority thing. if i have to give them money i don't think i'll be into it. but i guess i'll go and try and be nice. i really would like friends who are just there to be my friend, though.

if anybody should ask i'm going to a seminar
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