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3:50 p.m. x 2007-10-09

something's been on my mind for the past few days.

on my way home friday, i was with baconhead and his three friends, one of whom i know from high school. in the car we were talking about uncomfortable teacher experiences and baconhead breaks out this story about his english teacher encouraging the class to talk about themselves. "say something about yourself." i guess she instructed. "i'll go first - i'm a feminist." and dr. baconstein, and the rest of the class, from his impression, went silent and frenzied with weirdness. the guys in the car all went "uuughhh!" like she announced that she had gonnorhea or something. danny, the kid i know, launched into a repulsed tirade against women who neglect to shave their legs.

while i wouldn't have enjoyed any of those boys staring at my chest - if they had, they would've seen my "we are the women men have warned us about" ultra-feminist shirt. which i was amused by and proud that i wore that day. but seriously.

i guess that i live in enough of a bubble that that shocked me. i personally don't shave my legs out of sheer neglect...not as any kind of statement...and i happen to be fortunate in that it's barely noticable. that's not even an issue to me, of course. just a convinience. i don't really care what any other girl does with her legs or her underarms or her vag, or her face for that matter. i think the concern over it is one of the more absurd things about how things work out today. it's hair, it's not going to stab you to death.

i think people worry about the weirdest things.

and speaking purely about my take on feminism (as i expect it differs from person to person, as their definition obviously differs from mine), to me that is women being proud of themselves, proud of their bodies and doing right by themselves. enjoying the sex, education, career and life that they want. not standing for shit, doing their thing, and casting a pitiful little nod at anyone who thinks that that's ridiculous for some reason. all of which makes for happier girls, which you'd imagine would be a good thing.

in further obviousness: there's nothing more disgusting than chewing tobacco.

amber w. called me last night to update me on the progress she's making with operation show the west coast how to be a badass. she and her boyfriend will have been together now (speaking in terms of this run, they dated a very long time ago too) for nearly a year, in about two months it'll be a year, since she abandoned pennsylvania on christmas. they're living together with not-as-much contact with outside friends and are starting to feel "comfortable". he's become more intense about rubick's cubes than nightly sex, and she's concerned. i hope my advice, whatever it was, didn't suck. probably not. i think i told her to take up a passion herself. something worth envying more than a rubick's cube.

i bought new rechargable batteries. i've had the old ones since march of 06, so i think it was time for new ones. hopefully they are the reason that my camera hasn't been up to snuff with performance, and not the camera itself. my mom just bought a really nice new one, but i don't want to waste the money on a new one if this one still works. it'd be $100 of my christmas quota better spent on movie box sets, since much of my list is comprised of them.


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