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11:35 a.m. x 2007-10-12

i think i'm going to have to relent and buy a coffee maker. i think that what i'm going to do is wait until i have a job and over the summer save up the money to buy a full-on set of barista digs. so i can make crazy shit. i will settle for just a good old mr. coffee, though. i think i can smuggle the one in our cabinet at home back here next weekend. and in the meantime...learn how to make coffee.

the verdict on the instant palak paneer: all right, i poured it out and it resembled what old gregg might looked ground to a sludge. not a great first impression. also the box basically breaks down and is like "it's the spinach dip of the indian food aisle". but it is excellent. i'm officially a fan. i really enjoyed it all by itself - it's spicy as fuck without leaving any lingering burn in my mouth - and i know it will own ass on rice. i brought my extra fancy short grain japanese cooking rice from home and by this next week we will have a rice cooker in the room. 5C0R3.

i was late to my first class today because i wanted breakfast so badly. yesterday i didn't get my breakfast lunch and dinner, and i was super resistant to snacking in the evening even though i knew i'd be starving when i woke up and it'd suck. but i waited in line for fifteen minutes because i was determined to have that scone and that coffee. i need to stop going to the cafe. the woman running it knows my name. she knows how to pronounce it right and everything. that's an important sign. i've been there too much (4 out of the 5 days it's open a week, just about, at varying hours and once or twice two times a day, but only for tea the second time, and now that there's tea here with me there's no need for THAT).

my ass needs to learn to crochet.

i wore my brand new coat today. it was a good feeling. my roommate has two friends in the room, one is misanthropic and the other is playing the guitar. she's getting ready to go home for the weekend. and after that happens and after i go to class, i am going on an awesomely cold, leisurely walk around. i'm currently combating the noise by fighting against it with the dresden doll's "a life in the day" documentary. awkwardly interjecting amanda palmer's "gee-ee-ee" into the banter.

this weekend will be a productive one.

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