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11:06 p.m. x 2007-10-19

totally fucking lost it last night/this afternoon. now i'm feeling better. i bought a wee russian phrasebook and bette davis' biography, the new issue of "bust" and an 08 calendar. my mom and i talked about our perfect guy. she describes hers as a cross between brad pitt and leonardo dicaprio. mine is someone who looks like jack white and expresses himself like vladimir nabokov, is engaged by the same things as supervert, and everything he does turns out like bunuel. with the moves of richard belzer, who makes me laugh like craig ferguson and brad neely. yes.

i have plans with lexi and akasha tomorrow for sushi circa 3. which is very good. i need to see my friends. also sometime tomorrow i need to refill my perscription, buy a duffel bag, get new hair dye, and stock up on paneer.

some things i plan on doing: i want to start practicing yoga, because i am not flexible in the least. i want to start meditating and calming myself down. i want to learn to crochet. i want to do some more thorough decorating in my room. once my roommate is gone. this will all be going down when i'm good and alone.

in terms of living conditions that is. another person from school who's never said hello to me to my face has friended me on facebook. she is, again, from that sorority that has a crush on me. honestly now, i want to be friends. they need to come say hi. i don't really want to be among them and wear their rather demeaning shirts and pay them money and devote time against my will to associate with them...but i want friends. they can be my friend.

pj harvey has a new album out and i am getting it so hard.

if anybody should ask i'm going to a seminar
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