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9:14 p.m. x 2007-10-22

i slept all day today. it was excellent. class, nap, class, dinner, walk, nap, now. tonight i finally get a shower (i let my color settle, so i haven't had a nice bath or shower...or anything...i wish i could bathe). i'm halfway done with the girl who walked home alone all ready. it's a very comforting read. i identify very very strongly with bette davis. she's pretty badass. i'll probably plow through the rest of that when i do my laundry tomorrow. if i don't sleep through it. all i want to do is sleep right now. relax and get over all this stuff. get passed it.

I GOT A B+ ON THAT GIGANTIC PAPER. and a B on my personality test. i have a B in that class overall. that was very nice to learn this afternoon. however, i don't think i did very well on my bio test. i have to do as good as i possibly can on the paper i have to do in there, on the neurological aspects of schizophrenia. oh man...the week of april 28th is finals week in spring...i won't be in school for my birthday. i'm very happy about that. i hope i have a good birthday this year. i think that i will.

i felt steady today. i didn't have any sharp downs. no feeling weird, no freaking out. i think it'll go best if i just stay out here until thanksgiving. i like visiting home but i don't like feeling like i felt most of the weekend. i need to hang back and concentrate on my health and my writing.

i am at peace with the discovery health channel. my roommate's asleep all ready! whaaat!

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