9:11 a.m. x 2007-10-23

hhheeeeeeyyyy. it's first thing in the morning and i woke up to my roommate yelling. at her mom. over the phone. i set my alarm for 8:00 every day, but my phone buzzes and gives me the final nudge at 8:45 on days i don't have class until 9:45...so today i did my triumphant turned-the-bell-off-at-8-but-could-sleep-for-45-minutes-yet that i love for some reason...and went "back to sleep", only to be woken up moments later by the Angry Roommate.

why i am taking the time now to write about this: well, the reason that she is so angry is because of an apparent snag in her study abroad plans. she has the money and has been accepted to the school in germany, however, this school has not given her the go, it seems. or not yet or something. apparently whatever happens there, whether they consent or not, she's just going. but if they were to be bitches about it and refuse to let her go and by some miracle she stays here next semester (she seems reviled at the prospect)...then i would have to have a serious "we're having problems" talk. and i'd need to tell her and the RA i can't be in here anymore. OR i can man up and spend all my free time in the library every day until it closes. i'd rather stand up for myself.

overall of course i'd rather she go to germany, because she really wants to. whatever can possibly be done to make her happy really ought to be done. i say that not only because she is a nice, good person, but the less time she spends pissed off, the less time she's bumbling around the room high or playing the angry shooting game RIGHT BEHIND ME.

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