new york will still be there in the morning

7:20 p.m. x 2007-10-24 roommate is not going to germany. at least, this school doesn't want her to. they are concerned with her graduating on time and feel taking a semester overseas may hinder that. what? i think that's a strange concern, especially since she's expressed her intent on taking summer courses. from what i can tell from the phone conversation she's currently having, she is still intent as hell on going. the problem is her advisor. i believe...that we have the same advisor...and i believe...that woman is a fucking bitch.

i made an appointment today to talk to her about scheduling, but i have to go check the list again. because i awesomely forgot the date i signed up for (the 30th, i think, but i must check). she moved her office but didn't say anything about that in her email, and her office is still listed in its old place on the directory. boo.

they have a good looking MA in counseling psych at a school right near my amber w. last night she was lobbying hardxcore for me to go there. she's really lonely, and i really miss her, so i'm seriously considering that. not as seriously as the american university thing, but options are good. if i wanted to get my MA on at saint martin's, i'd have to establish some sort of clinical experience, like volunteer work or something, which is tough to obtain. if i felt like really knocking myself out i could go to american university and do the creative writing MFA, do some volunteer work, then get the "MAC" (master of arts in counseling). that may be a bit excessive. we'll see how shit goes down (yes sir)!

i feel a little bit more subdued, having spoken to two friends last night, a very good one and a very new one, and it was helpful...i have a better perspective on the stuff that's going on and today was a good day, except dinner wasn't too awesome. i prefer making my own dinner, but going to the cafeteria is "putting in my appearance" bid to make others aware of me. i'm pretty sure that's how that sorority developed a crush on me.

universities in boston, you are all crazy.

i think i just want a good city to live in, not necessarily go to school in. i should pay attention to that. serious considerations include DC, boston, portland, chicago. i'd like to say new york as well. philadelphia. i want to walk to places. i'm full of yearning tonight. and "turkish juice cooler". hello.

(i'm just trying to avoid talking about other things.)

if anybody should ask i'm going to a seminar
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